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Turmeric & Oats facial mask

Turmeric & Oats facial mask

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Turmeric & oat facial cleanser face mask. This mask is super charged with antioxidant - rich with properties to maintain clear, youthful, radiant skin. Also reduces the appearance of acne scars, balances out oily skin and evens skin tone. This mask is formulated to work wonders. (Good for ten uses)

Size: 3.5 oz


Turmeric powder , oats, Extra virgin olive oil ,lemon essential oil, goat 🐐 milk 

shelf life ( 90 days)


how to use:

Mix together one teaspoon of the mask with one tablespoon of water 💦 in a small dish then apply all over your face evenly using a makeup brush. After applying to your skin, let it set for 10-15minutes then rinse off. Note : make sure not to have any makeup, oil or dirt on your skin before applying the mask

***Recommended use : 1-3 times a week *


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